Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Yes, I know, time is funny that way. Thought I'd suck you back in with a lovely story of this past Memorial Day weekend. The weekend actually begins last week as the the kids and I have been suffering a horrible cold for at least that long. Add in the weather pressure yo-yo changes and it was moment to moment to see if at least I was Dr. Jekyll or Mrs. Hyde. Lucky Husband!

After a whirl-wind Friday of school, Field Day, tumbling, lunch and ballet rehearsal we jump started Saturday with Sweet Pea's first ballet performance! She looked so tiny and like a big girl at the same time!

Sunday was a a day of rest, literally, or so I thought. I gathered an appetizer for a family get together only to have my dashboard lights go out, on and off, on the way, most of which was the highway. The car died at our destination. Poor Husband had to travel back and forth to home after installing a new battery. My cold was at a high once again and limited my enjoyment capabilities......Although it was slightly alleviated by the bacon wrapped, marinated scallops. Delish Bro-In-Law!

Thinking that I'd gotten over the worst of things on Monday, I was immediately corrected. The kids were awesome, but 99% of the time, they are. They waited patiently while Mommy mowed the lawn and Daddy and his buddy tried to install a new alternator......After 2.5 hours, the attempt had been made to replace it, but the car had to be put back together as the necessary tools were not on hand. Of course, Mommy had asked Daddy if he wanted to go on-line pre-attempt to see if it was too difficult at home, but "No". .......Great....Call it stroke luck, guidance of God, or what, but a car repair shop was open and could fix the dang thing before they closed. $550 later, although our planned rib dinner was ruined, we enjoyed Mickey D's (well the kids did) and steak and chili relleno tacos, and my vehicle was fixed. Ribs were put on hold until Wednesday. During this alternator fiasco, I decided to improve my beauty with a large welt from the lawn mower bag on my shin. Additionally, the "dog Poop" bag decided to run into the mower, right by our patio. Lovely. Luckily I was slightly smart enough to stop the mower - I had to the bag was wrapped around the blades and choked out the motor. So now, I had to clean out the bag, clean off the mower and still mow the remaining 90% of the lawn.......oh what a long, long day.

There's so much more to tell, but I won't blow it all at once......

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